New Beginnings Community

For the homeless population in America, long-term shelter is hard to come by, and what is available is not conducive to breaking the cycle of homelessness. An enriching housing community for the homeless population can provide its residents with the resources needed to build an independent fulfilling life and create a new beginning. 

The base of the housing system consists of a readily available and modular re-purposed component. The residence is made up of re-designed 53-foot dry van trailers. These trailers, which have been renovated into welcoming housing systems, are arranged in groups of four that surround a large central deck and courtyard area.

With Sharifeh Abdallah, Kristal Audish, Nergis Gizem Kalkan Almonte, Upavee Amarasinghe, Hannah Doan, Krisandra Perez, and Daniela Pomalaza

Behnam Samareh Studio
Spring 2021