Monica Boulevard 7450

A prioritization for outdoor space, social connectivity, and porosity encourages a relation between private and public realms.  

Situated on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard, the 24-unit mixed use development is derived from two bars connected by two circulation towers and a weaving exterior walkway. Santa Monica Boulevard 7450’s northern bar is pulled back to respond to existing neighboring buildings thus creating an inviting entrance.

The design further articulates by pushing and pulling each unit to create differently stepped terraces. These shared and private terraces take advantage of natural light and centralize the common amenities to promote neighborly social interaction. With balconies checkered across the long elevations, the design ensures that each unit has access to open space.

The perforated white envelope provides a variation of privacy and open balcony voids within the building’s skin allows for the public realm of the courtyard to intrude into the private volume of the building.

Roberto Sheinberg Studio
Spring 2020