Mi Cocina Es Su Cocina

Situated in Santa Monica lies Horatio West Court designed by Irving Gill. Developed as a small-scale, low-cost housing development, Horatio West Court provided affordable alternatives to the single-family house and the “bungalow court.” The project arranges four apartments around a central courtyard with shared vehicular and pedestrian access to encourage community interaction. Almost 100 years later, the project still stands as a community-driven space. However, today’s housing costs have skyrocketed, diluting the project from the primary intention of being an affordable alternative to the single-family house.

Mi Cocina Es Su Cocina converts one of the units into a self-sustaining home. A cafe sits at the front of the dwelling to bring in revenue, but more importantly, to bring the community together. The house has a private entrance on the side and a studio entry through the back. Mi Cocina Es Su Cocina aims to reinvent the single-family home by breaking down the white picket fence and making the home accessible to the community. 

Elizabeth Timme Studio
Fall 2021